Cooper Family Falling Body

This refers to a photograph purportedly taken by the father of a family. The story is that when the father developed the image, he was horrified to see that a hanging body appeared. They state that the hanging body wasn’t present at the time the photo was taken.

I’m not sure why they felt it necessary to claim that the body wasn’t there when they took the photograph. I would think that, had it been there, they might have been a bit more upset than they appear in the photo. But never mind.

This is clearly a fraud. The way the image is framed makes room for the hanging body. Had there not been a body – or had the father not seen it – then the photo would frame the four people in the center. The father made room for the body, which meant he shifted the camera so that the family appeared on one side.

This appears to be an amateurish attempt to create a mysterious, maybe even horrifying photo. It’s fun, but not to be taken seriously. In the days before the GIMP this might have required much effort; but it’s clear that the focus of the image was not the family.

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