I love mysteries. I enjoy puzzling over curious events, trying to understand what really happened. Most of the time, even the most bizarre events have mundane explanations. Often the explanations are just plain boring, ruining what had once been a great story of the paranormal. I tend to favor these mundane explanations, despite them being disappointing.

It’s not that I don’t want there to be magic in the world. Quite the contrary. What I want, though is for the “magic” to be true. There really are events that we aren’t able to figure out. For some reason, each explanation fails, and we’re left with something puzzling and weird. And I find that very exciting.

There are many topics I don’t cover. Among them are UFO’s, cryptids, religious miracles, and events without evidence. I also omit most conspiracy theories, or at least I ignore the conspiracy aspect of the event.

Despite these restrictions, there are plenty of interesting, puzzling, awe-inspiring mysteries that are fun to consider.

I’ve chosen not to allow comments. Unfortunately, there is so much spam and trolling going on that the reasonable comments get lost among them. I just don’t want to spend my time weeding out spam and trolls. It’s a never-ending chore. So no comments.

I hope you can still enjoy this site.